The Loisaida Center is the only Puerto Rican/Latino based multi-use downtown facility aspiring to build connections between community, learners, artists and scholars through affordable education opportunities in academic and cultural fields.

Its multi-purpose space is an incubator for self-sustainable artisanal, technology, and culinary arts entrepreneurial initiatives. The vision is to facilitate a mindset of exploration devoted to collaborative cultural and art practices, social engagement, and community building.

Loisaida, Inc. began as a grassroots movement in the Lower East Side led by Puerto Rican activists and Hispanic residents in the mid 1970’s. In 1978 Loisaida, Inc. was formally incorporated in New York State as a local development corporation, with the mission to address the serious economic and social disenfranchisement of poor and low income Latino residents.

The Loisaida Festival is the largest outdoor cultural community celebration in the Lower East Side.

Loisaida Inc.
710 East 9th Street New York, NY 10009

Right In Your Neighborhood

Loisaida Players: An innovative high school theater group trained as peer educators to promote health, prevent pregnancy, STD’s and HIV infection.