Primary Healthcare


Our bilingual primary health care centers, five of which are federally qualified centers (FQHC), serve all ages beginning with infants through seniors. We specialize in managing chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, HIV, and depression.

We prioritize easy access, short waiting times, and full integration with behavioral health. Our staff is extremely dedicated to supporting each person to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle in a HEALTH NEIGHBORHOOD environment. The health care team is closely connected to the patient encouraging healthier eating, exercise, and taking medications as prescribed.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance plans. With the new Affordable Care Act, Medicaid coverage is protected.

For more information or to schedule an appoinment at any of our Health Care Centers
Call: (718) 684-9422

Claremont Family Health Center (FQHC)*
262-4 East 174th Street Bronx, NY 10457
Clay Family Health Center (FQHC)*
1776 Clay Avenue Bronx, NY 10457
Park Avenue Family Health Center (FQHC)*
4196 Clay Avenue Bronx, NY 10457

Ramón Vélez Health Care Center (FQHC)
754 East 151st Street Bronx, NY 10455
La Casa de Salud (FQHC)
966 Prospect Avenue Bronx, NY 10459
Casa Maria Community Health Center
324 East 149th Street Bronx, NY 10459
Westchester Avenue Family Health Center
915 Westchester Avenue Bronx, NY 10459

* Member of ct2

Fully Integrated Primary Care Right In Your Neighborhood

  • Pediatric
  • Women’s Health
  • Adult Internal Medicine
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Podiatry
  • Eye Care
  • Dental Care
  • Psychiatry and Social Work
  • Health Education and Wellness Support
  • Care Coordination

After hours (6pm-8am) call 877-391-6764